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Alpine Rock: glaciated approaches

rock_alpine2Rock shoe routes, but you need boots, crampons and ice axes to get there and the views are fantastic. Pyramide du Tacul, South Face of Aiguille de Midi, Eperon de Cosmique, Dent de Geant and the Jardin de Talfiere.

Aiguille de Chamonix

  • Aiguille de L’M, North-north-east Arete, 5.6, 8 p.
  • Aiguille de Peigne, Arete des Papillons, 5.8, 12 p.
  • Aiguille Blatiere, Nabot Leon, 5.9, 6 p.
  • Aiguille de Midi, South Face, Rebuffat Route , 5.10 a, 8 p.
  • Aiguille de Midi, Eperon de Cosmiques, Rebuffat Route, 5.8, 6 p.

Mont Blanc Plateau

  • Pyramid du Tacul, East Arete, 5.7, 10 p.
  • Point Lachanel, Contamine Route, 5.10 b, 9 p.
  • Dent du Geant, 5.6, 7 p.