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PICT0013Guided Bicyle Tours through the Alps

Let me plan a tour for you that gets you off the beaten path to see the most sublime alpine sites and quaint villages.

High-Alpine will plan a cycling trip that matches your goals exactly. Whether you want to ride far each day crossing major alpine passes or just cruise the most beautiful alpine valleys, we will show you the best places in the Alps to find that. If you want to follow the grand tours and watch your favorite cycling stars race, we can arrange that for any stage race.

If you want to participate in the famous “L’Etape de Tour” we can help you prepare for and participate in the event; every year the Tour de France chooses one mountain stage on which to host a public ride. You ride the stage the day before the race comes through with almost 10,000 other riders. You get professional support and feeds just like you are riding the Tour de France. It is a mass start tour that is timed; a tour to most riders and a serious race to others. If you win your category, you win an authentic Yellow Tour jersey. It’s a truly professional and unforgettable event.

Training techniques and programs are our specialty. Imagine your dream cycling trip in the Alps. Let us plan and lead that trip from start to finish with every detail attended to.