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Alpine Rock: non-glaciated approaches

rock_alpineA variety of alpine rock routes in the heart of the Alps. All you need is your rock gear and approach shoes. There are some very special climbing sites sprinkled throughout the Alps. This tour takes you to some of the most beautiful. It is a good way to see a little more of the Alps without too much traveling. All routes are within two hours of Chamonix. We will sleep in different towns, but never lose a day to travel.

Aiguille Rouge

  • Brevent, Frison-Roche, 5.10a, 6 p.
  • Brevent Poeme de Lou, 5.10c, 9 p.
  • Aiguille de la Charlanon, Right Butress, 5.7, 7 p.
  • Chapelle de la Gliere, South Arete, 5.8, 14 p.
  • Index, South Arete, 5.5, 5 p.
  • Mani Puliti, 5.6, 6 p.
  • The Crochues, East Face, 5.4, 5 p.
  • Aiguiette d’Argentiere, 3-4 pitch routes from 5.4 to 5.9


  • Sylvie Phobie, 5. 10a/b, 10 pitches
  • Mille et une Pattes, 5.9, 12 pitches

Just outside of Chamonix

  • Mirroir d’Argentine, Switzerland , routes from 5.4 to 5.8, 14 p.
  • Dalle d’Amone, Switzerland , 5.8, 10 p.
  • Machaby, Italy , 5.7, 10 p.
  • Col de la Colombiere, routes from 5.2-5.12, 1-4 p.