Polartec Visit, October 1-3, Boston, MA, USA

Polartec World Headquarters

Polartec World Headquarters

Polartec has always been a company dear to my heart and my body in the mountains. I have always searched out more breathable softshells for my efforts in the Alps. So when I was invited to be a member of their Advisory Board, I didn’t hesitate.

The advisory board consists of eleven world class endurance athletes who were charged with the mission of dreaming, testing, and talking about current and future Polartec products. We were invited to the world headquarters in Lawrence, MA, USA and had a five star welcome. Besides exploring the manufacturing facilities, we met with everyone there from Designers to Directors to Marketers. We got a thorough explanation of all the fabrics and a peek into the future with some great technologies coming up.

The friendly vibeĀ and warm welcome made it a highlight of my trip back to the US this fall. I enjoyed meeting and working with the whole crew and am looking forward to working hard to develop some great products.

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