Rock Climbing around Chamonix, 1-7 June 2005

Ben Stoddard

Photo #1: Ben came to rock climb and we did a fair amount high and low, despite a few days of iffy weather. Here we climbed the Aiguille de la Charlanon by the right butress, Eperon SSE de Doite. It was a great 8 pitch warm up climb that goes at 5.7.

Photo #2: Then we went to the Col de La Columbiere and saw some Bouquetin or Ibex.

Photo #3: And did some climbing on beautiful limestone. There are single and multipitch routes with interesting texture due to the sculpting over many years from the elements.

Photo #4: We also spent a day in Italy where Ben came away with a prize Piton to use as a paper weight.

Photo #5: The most exciting climb for Ben was going up high and climbing the Arete des Cosmiques. Here is a shot from that day. Ben provided these photos and enjoyed taking a high quality SLR digital camera with him on all the climbs.

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