Shuttle, Geneva to Chamonix

Usually I use a shuttle service between the Geneva Airport and Chamonix. The company we use is called Airport Transfer Service and is run by an expat Brit named Andy Cleaver. He has a fleet of vans and drivers, most of whom are English. You can book his service s on-line at his web site His service s cost about $38. Please note that you need to book at least 3 days in advance if you book on-line. You can also call ATS at 011 33 450 53 63 97, or fax at 011 33 450 55 97 06. You need to reserve this service, either through the web, by fax phone or email. If you don’t there will not be anyone there to meet you. ATS does not have a booth at the airport.

The trip to Chamonix takes a little over an hour. ATS will drop you wherever you like (normally your hotel). If you book on-line you pay in advance with a credit card. You can also pay cash. ATS accepts either Swiss Francs or Euros (better). You can get cash from ATMs in the Geneva airport.

A representative of ATS will await you as you exit from customs. They have blue uniforms and carry a sign, hopefully with your name on it. Occasionally they are late, so be patient. If they don’t show give them a call (from Switzerland : 00 33 450 53 63 97).

Train or Bus
You can also take the train from the Geneva Airport to Chamonix , but connections are complex, the trip take a while and you still have to take a taxi (or walk) to the hotel from the Chamonix train station. The third option is a bus. Although more direct than the train, they are infrequent and will drop you off at the Chamonix train station.

Train, Geneva or Zurich to Grindewald or Zermatt

For these trips, I recommend the Swiss train service. They are extremely efficient. You can get virtually anywhere in Switzerland using these trains and bus links, even the smallest village. You will not need a bus to get to Grindewald or Zermatt as the train will go all the way.

Please look at and click the English link. Enter your departure and arrival destinations and the time you want to leave on the website and then choose from several itineraries for the best fit. You can buy your ticket on line before you leave or at the station from a machine or the ticket booth. It is useful to have your luggage easy to transport in rolling bags or a big pack, as you sometimes have to cross a station during a train change.

Car Rental

Renting a car is a great alternative to public transportation. It is easy to get by without one, but if we need to change our itinerary due to weather and head to the Dolomites, for example, a car will make things much easier. If you are booking a longer trip that goes between towns like to Chamonix and Zermatt , for example, A car can also make the connections quicker leaving more time to climb. Renting a car is cheapest and easiest if done from the US . Most large US companies rent in Europe and you will be able to pick the car up at the airport.